Accept The Sdk License Agreements And Install The Missing Components Using The Android Studio

I ran on this error when I ran cordova build android But if Gradle 3.1 build, the @kangwang1988 my next steps display: 1.Flutter download and setting path. FlatterArzt. 3.Android Studio configuration. batter doctor –android-licenses. 5.Open AVD Manager, create a virtual device -> next -> Select system image ->-download-API-level 27 -> Next -> Finish. flatterrun -> problem occur. 7.Run Several Times Flatter Doctor –Android Licenses and ./sdkmanager –licenses, Unable to solve the problem. 8.Open Android Studio settings, you`ll find Android SDK, Only the Android 9.0 SDK is enabled here. 9.checked Android SDK 8.0 8.1 and download , Apply and OK.

The problem is solved. – “Android Building Tools 28” – Construction Tools – 26.0.3. Note: If you accept licensing agreements with the Android command line tool, this license directory will not be created. You must first accept agreements that use the SDK manager to be able to use this feature. If you accept licensing agreements with SDK Manager, Android Studio creates a directory of licenses in the SDK home directory. This license directory is required for Gradle in order to automatically download the missing packages. This requires you by each license that you have not yet accepted, and you can simply enter to accept each one. Once you`ve installed Android Studio, it`s easy to update Android Studio IDE and Android SDK tools with automatic updates and the Android SDK Manager. A problem arose when setting up the `:app` project. Error when installing the following Android SDK packages, as some licenses have not been accepted.

Platforms; Android-27 Android SDK Platform 27 To create this project, accept SDK licensing agreements and install the missing components with the Android Studio SDK Manager. Alternatively, you can transfer the licensing agreements from one workstation to another, see After that, you just have to go to the license folder in sdk and check that it has these five files: yes sudo sdkmanager –lizenzen ja ja sudo sdkmanager –licenses The Android tool is obsolete and you should instead use the sdkmanager. sdkmanager also writes the license file when you accept it for the first time. The license changes depending on the SDK you use, even if the command allows you to accept the entire license by running the following command: It will display the unreasoned SDK one after the other, and you will have the option to select `y/n`. Choose it for everyone. You will find more information in the documentation of Android Studio, although there is no description of the option –licenses in the current documentation.

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