Employment Agreement Chief Executive Officer

Death or disability. The agreement should define the conditions for how death and disability are taken into account. Subject to the terms of this agreement, the duration of employment under this agreement begins on 20 June 2011 and, unless reported earlier in accordance with Sections 7A, 7B, 7C or 10 of this agreement, will continue until 19 June 2014. This agreement is automatically extended for one year on June 19, 2014 and June 19 (renewal date), unless you or the company has provided the other party with a written notification of non-renewal at least one hundred (180) days prior to the renewal date. Checking the legal advice. The association and the manager should have the employment contract checked by their respective lawyers. That`s the end of it. The agreement should include provisions regarding the circumstances under which the parties can denounce the agreement, as well as the obligations of each party with respect to that denunciation. The above restrictions apply only in the geographic areas for which you have been responsible in the last twelve (12) months of your employment with the company. The restrictions in this paragraph do not prohibit you from holding securities of a company operating in such a transaction, which is held and traded in the public domain, but which may at no time exceed 5 (5) per cent of a class of shares or securities of that company. In addition, during the non-competitive period, you cannot request or take into account suppliers or customers with whom the company or its associated companies have a business relationship to terminate such a business relationship with the entity or its related companies. Your group health and life insurance, as described in paragraph 3, paragraphs (a) and d), is continued throughout the term of termination (subject to your current contributions) or until you are entitled to insurance coverage because of your new or self-employment, depending on what happens in the first place. Notwithstanding the above, if the company reasonably finds that you continue to participate in a health plan on these conditions throughout the insurance period, the company or its health plan may suspend additional taxes or penalties for providing such services on a discriminatory basis under the Affordable Care Act or otherwise.

, to suspend your continued participation in the health plan and allow you to choose the cover of the cobra suite. provided, however, that the company pays you a monthly sum equal to (i) the difference between the COBRA continuation premium applicable to itself and your loved ones for this month and the corresponding contribution you would have made for that period if you were a worker (the “COBRA payment”) and (ii) an additional amount (the “gross payment”). so that after paying all applicable income taxes on the COBRA payment and the gross payment, you still have an amount equal to the amount of the COBRA payment. A. You will participate in the company`s limited action plan153 with the compensation committee at its next periodic meeting and you will grant a grant of one hundred thousand (100,000) shares (the “first grant” based on results), subject to all the conditions set out in the plan documents and bonus agreements, provided that these can be changed from time to time.

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