Ups Agreement For Approved Wine Shippers

You need to create your shipping label with a UPS-enabled shipping solution like WorldShip or an approved third-party system like ShippingEasy. You will receive help from our wine shipping specialists. For information, contact your FedEx customer manager or customer service. Why does wine shipping have to be so complicated, you ask? Well, the answer is a word: ban. The result of the prohibition period in the country (1920-1933) was that some states were empowered to legislate on whether and how they would authorize the production and shipment of wine. Another shipping service for wine is General Logistics Systems (GLS). They offer regional delivery the next day and have a delivery success rate of 99.8%. Other benefits of using GLS are: There are many rules relating to wine shipping, but we have made this easier. Here`s what you need to know. Respect the laws of the state in which you ship for a painless shipping process. In Arkansas, for example, only one case per month can be sent to a person. In Indiana, the limit is much more liberal than 5,000 cases per year per field. At the end of the day, what it takes to do it in the wine shipping industry is an awareness of national and federal laws and carrier requirements as well as the desire to excite your customers.

Enjoy a glass of the best of Sonoma or Napa, while seeing the sun set behind the hills populated by vineyards! You can rehabilitate your shipping label with a FedEx ship manager ® e-mailing. This allows FedEx to notify public authorities of wine shipping activities if necessary. The United States Postal Service does not ship wine! First, shipping wine requires a license to produce and ship wine. Second, there are many state laws that must be respected: the laws of the state of origin and destination. Third, a specific wine supply contract with a carrier such as UPS or FedEx is required. By the way, the U.S. Postal Service doesn`t ship wine! As mentioned above, shipping wine requires a license. There are licenses issued by the various states for this purpose. Licensing fees vary considerably from state to state. Will FedEx send your wine, beer or spirits? Depending on your type of activity, the recipient and where it is located. Get details on how we deliver wine to make sure they arrive in top shape. Available in California, Oregon and Washington.

Direct shipping of wine to Utah is a crime in the third degree, so the major airlines do not ship to that state. All wine deliveries must be identified by typing “$AW” in the “reference” field or in the customer reference field on the shipping solution. If you build your label outside of FedEx Ship Manager┬« “$AW” must be manually integrated into the Reference field. Perhaps that is why transportation companies that are willing to transport alcohol out of the state – and return from abroad to the United States – do not accept alcohol emissions from consumers.

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