Word For To Break An Agreement

We also have the phrase Breaking News, which means the latest news that will be published very soon after the incident. We can also say that a sea wave breaks when it reaches its highest point and begins to collapse. Another expression is to break your thinking — it is used when you think deeply about a subject and focus intensely on it, but something happens to distract you. If I focus on developing a new lesson, but my phone rings, it would break my thoughts, and if I answered the call, I might have a hard time getting back to what I thought. We also have the phrase make a clean break that emphasizes that the separation is complete, so you can start fresh. Maybe you`ve had bad experiences in your city, and you`re moving to a new place so you can make a clean break with your past, completely separate from that, without continuing to be involved in anything from your past. Hi, students! It`s day 3 of our mini-course all about words with several meanings, and our word today is BREAK. Get ready to learn many different ways to use this word in English. Similarly, the break means “to make something known”, we have a certain expression of breaking the news to someone, which means informing them of bad news. Suppose I see my neighbour`s dog flying out of their house and getting hit by a car — then I have to break the news of my neighbour that his dog is unfortunately injured or dead. Which of the following words is synonymous with injury? Breach refers to things that have been broken or hurt.

The break may be physical, but the injury more often refers to injuries of abstract things. Whew — it was a lot of definitions and expressions, and it`s time for me to take a break. I also suggest you take a break — get some water, drink coffee — and come back and try the exercise to see what you have learned today. Goodbye, first! Let`s end this with a few idioms! The first is to break the bank, which means being very expensive, almost as if it cost all your money. If you buy a new refrigerator, you can say to the seller, “I`m looking for a refrigerator that`s reliable but doesn`t break the bank” – which means it doesn`t cost a ton of money. Other expressions that use “break” in the sense of “interrupt” are when it`s quiet, but then something breaks the silence. As if everyone was calm in a meeting and thinking about how to solve a problem, and someone said, “I have an idea,” that comment would break the silence, interrupt the silence. We use the verb phrasal rash when a bad skin problem suddenly appears – your face could trigger a rash (red skin, irritated) or pimples (small bumps from clogged pores). It is also common to talk about struggles or violence when they suddenly appear. We can also talk about a prison break, that is, when prisoners escape from prison.

Similarly, the pause can also mean interrupting something and sometimes stopping it permanently. If you break a habit, it means you stop doing something you`ve done many times before. If I eat a lot of fast food, I have to break this habit if I want to be healthier. Suppose there is an actress who has only had small roles for many years, but she has a big break when she has the lead role in a big movie.

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