Chinook Teachers Association Linc Agreement

If you belong to a bargaining unit that has ratified its 2018-2020 collective agreement, this new agreement will be posted below as soon as it has been prepared, corrected and fully signed by all parties. If it is not displayed below, you can view the ratified memoranda of understanding here (see local negotiations in file updates). I am sending this email to inform members that once again it is time to be appointed and elected to the CTA Board of Directors. We are looking for members interested in getting better informed and involved in our local association. If your bargaining unit has not completed negotiations with your school jurisdiction, employers cannot arbitrarily change pay or working conditions. Expiring collective agreements will continue to be fulfilled until a new agreement is ratified. April 6: 2:00 am Meeting and mini-council will follow. CSCS April 29 – May 2 – Annual Meeting of Board Members (Saskatoon) The committee met on August 28, 2020 and worked on the transcripts and letters of admission of the fellow from each post-current institution. Applicants who meet the scholarship criteria were included in a lottery-based selection. The Scholarship Committee would like to thank all CTA Scholarship applicants and their hard work and commitment to their studies during their K-12 training experience here in the Chinook School Division. We wish good luck to all candidates for their future studies! Negotiations are underway for the 2018-2020 cycle of the 61 public, distinct and Francophone school jurisdictions. While the positions of Treasurer and Vice-President would normally have a term of two years, the CTA Executive has adopted a request to temporarily reduce the conditions of these positions only once. This decision was made taking into account continuity and stability and ensuring that the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary are not all elected in the same year.

. January 13 – 2:00 am at SCCHS. Can be a google meeting in case of bad weather. December 6-7: CTA Visionary Retreat in Cypress Hills. Everyone must book their rooms. All members are welcome! | Appendices: AGM Minutes 2019.pdf Acknowledgement Report – 2019_20.docx CTA SCHOLARSHIPS 2019.docx CTA Wellness AGM Report 2020.docx Communications AGM 2020 Report .docx Convention Report 2020 2019.docx LINC AMG Report – 2019_20.docx Nominations Committee Report (AGM 2020) (1).docx Presidents Report AGM 2020.docx Congratulations to the winners of the CTA Scholarship Award for 2020! October 24-26 – STF Councilor Conference (Saskatoon) only Board members This year we are seeking nominations for the following positions with a term of 2 years each: On behalf of the CTA Scholarship Committee, we want to award three scholarships to students who graduated in June 2020 and met all the criteria listed in the scholarship application…

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