Full color mugs

To us we take design very seriously and we have special templates for printing onto fine bone china mugs as it’s a specialty art and if designed well your clients will remember your china mugs and treasure this high quality product. We have a favourite for Promotional use and it’s that bit different than the narrow china mug. You’re welcome to enquire and we will send you some pictures and a 3 D sample (FOC) with your design. It’s important to us that you’re happy with all our products before purchase.

What’s the difference ?

you can choose colored rim handle mugs:

Antique Pink ( pantone color 693c )
Orange ( pantone color 1655c )
Red ( pantone color 1805c )
Bordeaux Red ( pantone color 505c )
Green ( pantone color 7729c )
Light Green ( pantone color 367c )
Golden Yellow ( pantone color 7411c )
Light Yellow ( pantone color 128c )
Light Blue ( pantone color 7690c )
Cambridge Blue ( pantone color 7683c )
Cobalt Blue ( pantone color 275c )

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We have just produced a special edition Bone china mug for one of our great clients who wanted something unique and stylish.The mug tells an interesting true story about an event from history where a Monster whale washed up in Pevensey Bay.This china mug is a unique special edition licensed china mug only to be sold through one outlet. We helped design it and supply the packaging and to be honest it was a pleasure to be the supplier of this unique product.

Pevensey bay