Bluejeans Business Associate Agreement

As for settings, the new Blue Jeans app will do exactly what you want. Download it from and connect it inside the browser interface. The app saves settings and connects you next time the same way you logged in last time. On the PowerPoint issue, I just tried it and I didn`t have any such problems. I highly recommend you contact Blue Jeans Support. Go back to page and click the black box helps live in the bottom right corner of the page. Their support is important and they can very well help you solve this problem. Depending on the problem, your computer scientists also need to get involved in the field. U-M has also signed an agreement for Blue Jeans Primetime, an additional service for large interactive events. 1.4.2. Use of the service. The Customer undertakes to use the Service in accordance with all applicable laws and not to use the Service in a manner that imposes obligations on BlueJean other than specific laws that are expressly considered in the Agreement to be applicable to the service and/or provision of BlueJeans` service. Without limiting the universality of the above, the customer agrees to: blueJeans does not encourage or require BlueJeans to create, receives, maintains or transmits protected health information (as defined in 45 C.R.

160.103) for or on behalf of the customer in connection with the service or in any way, which would make BlueJeans a business partner (as defined in 45 C.R. No. 160.103) to the customer. In the event that the customer acts or uses the service in an unauthorized manner under this section, the customer (i) violates the agreement; (ii) to compensate, defend and compensate for losses, expenses, expenses, expenses, commitments, damages, penalties, investigations or enforcement proceedings (including legal fees) resulting from the client`s violation of this section; (iii) take immediate steps, at the customer`s expense, to correct and/or mitigate the effects of the customer`s breach of this section; and iv) BlueJeans to offer appropriate cooperation and support in relation to BlueJeans` response to the customer`s breach of this section. The client takes over and is solely responsible for all reporting obligations in accordance with the law or the contract resulting from the violation of this section by the Client. For covered companies or business partners wishing to place POS on the platform, there must be a BAA, but no manual configuration is required to allow for functional improvements. To start with the Blue Jeans, please visit the ITS website Read more: The University of Michigan has signed a business agreement with Blue Jeans Network to allow secure transmission and registration of conferences with Protected Health Information (PHI). Note: Bluejeans, has a breakdown that if you present a table for example and have tried to modify it as you go, it will throw you / unsubscribe. And you have to re-register. Not very kind. Plus, it should have a setting memory, if you decide not to use the camera, it shouldn`t diffuse your face every time you log in. Under HIPAA, business partners are any entity that creates, receives, transmits, manages or stores protected health information (PHI) on behalf of its customers.

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