Coffee Machine Lease Agreement

Whether you`re renting an office coffee machine or renting a Vero Coffee office coffee machine have a wide range of products specially designed for you. We handle small offices with 1-50 employees, offices with 50-100 employees and large offices with more than 100 employees. The lease/lease agreement includes full service and maintenance protection for the duration of the rental or rental period – completely free. The equipment comes with knock-out box, grinder delivered and installed and includes a packet of coffee cups, lattes and a free coffee bean sheath. And if your last payment is made, the equipment is yours. (And you only need to sell 2 cups a day to cover your daily rent). What don`t we like? Growth: Leasing can be the most cost-effective way to help your business reach the next level if your business grows rapidly. Instead of buying another new and expensive device, renting a coffee machine allows your business to keep up with growing demand and satisfy customers with your service. You can generate additional revenue and give your business opportunities for overall growth. Rent all the appliances in our Bean 2 Cup range and get an entry-pack with coffee cups, lattes and a free case of coffee beans. Our Flexi Rental package gives you complete control – you decide how long you`ll rent, how often you pay and how much to pay. You can even charge prematurely or update before the end of the contract. At Vero Coffee, we work with SME Finance – Leasing Solutions Ltd, who have arranged the rental contract for you and offer a decryption of prices on behalf of our purchase rental packages.

With the Nissen coffee machine rental, we offer general maintenance services that are not included for user damage and abuse. Today, blue chip companies, SMEs and professionals appreciate the benefits of leasing. More than 90% of the Times Top 100 use this option to purchase devices. We offer very competitive prices, please feel free to contact us for an offer. Exclusive to Cafe Origin, our Flexi-Location packages mean you can serve a range of coffee specialties without commitment and without prior investment. Buying a coffee machine means that you pay for the machine in a package, and you have full possession of the machine. The purchase option works by a one-time payment for the coffee machine, then the furnishings, and wait for the installation date. Like renting, one drawback of a rental agreement may be that it is more expensive in the long run than buying the machine.

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